Gray wire mod?

I have seen a few threads on the gray wire mod. What is it? I have a 01 WR426 and was wondering what it would do for me.

The grey gray wire mod alters the ignition map in the black box. I believe it gives back aprox. 5 deg of spark advance that is not needed due to the the physical limit of the throttle valve opening of 50%. The throttle stop which is the first mod addressed now allows a 100% TVO. The TPS on the carb now is giving a wider signal range to the CDI box. By eliminating the gray wire you are in effect turning on the spark advance map to utilize the TPS signal data from 50% to 100% . What you will notice is the engine rev up a little quicker and hit the rev limiter sooner . Its pretty subtle though. the YZF cam timing mod works well with this mod.

WOW.....great thread!


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