Jetting question

No one seems to know in the jetting section.. so thought I'd check here. What does it mean when you can turn your fuel screw fully in and the bike still runs?

Is that the needle clip too rich? Pilot too rich?

I am trying to adjust my fuel screw and you're supposed to start with it almost full in... where the bike is supposed to be almost stalling. Mine did not. :cry:

Well the questions I would have are:

what are your current jetting settings?, what size pilot are your currently running?

Check to make sure your throttle slide is closing completely or to the specified amount thus effecting the pilot cuircut by allowing more air in.

Mine runs completely shut also. I adjust mine to the best throttle response and to minimize backfiring. Rich pilot will do this but it helps with off idle wheelie power! :cry:

OK. I guess I won't sweat it too much. I guess if I'm happy with the power that a too rich condition can't hurt the bike. :cry:

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