Electric start YZ450F

I read someone is doing an electric start conversion for the YZ anybody know anything about it?

It would be rather expensive, since the Crankcases will have to be changed.

Yes you convert a WR 450 to a YZ 450. Good luck

Every once in awhile this questions comes up and and I have to ask WHY???????

I have to agree...

I can't imagine the extra weight for a bike that starts so easily...

You don't have to change the case's the yz & wr are the same if you look on top of the case's you will see that there is two little bosses sticking up where the back of the starter bolts on now you need the wr flywheel cover and the wr flywheel and there is a gear in there, and the starter, Now some place to put the battery like the wr air box and wr wiring harness with the Button If you add all of it up it would be a big pain in the butt $$$$ :cry: and about 10 lbs :cry: :cry: $$$$$

I sold my WR for a YZ. The electric start worked like crap anyways and I hated how tight it was to work on.

its almost 14 lbs, believe it it or not there was 1 lb of extra wiring! :cry:

Every once in awhile this questions comes up and and I have to ask WHY???????

Me too. Now that, would be gay as he//. You can damn near start em with yur arm. "If ya can't kick start it, ya can't ride it."

I can start mine with my hand :cry: Who need the button it blows people away :cry: starting a 470 with a hand :cry:

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