What is the compression supposed to be on a 01 XR650R?

What is the compression supposed to be on a 01 XR650R? I plan on buying a used one in a couple of days.


The service manual says 10.0:1

A good reference for future use is a Service Manual in PDF form @

Its helped me a ton! It's 147mb though so have some time to download it. But its worth it!


Are you asking what it is to be if you test the compression with a compression tester? Or the compression ratio of the piston?

Thanks for the info. I mean a compression test. I'm sure the bike is fine but I should be cautious anyway. I think the reading should be in PSI.

A new engine should/can put out 160psi according to the manual....I got 142 from a well used bike. I haven't done a compression test on my bike yet.

All I can tell ya is my first XR650 when I traded it in on a new XR650 was tested by the Honda shop and the compression was with in a

brand new bikes specs (whatever that is). It was a 2000 model which I rode for 3 years and it never gave me any problem. It had over

5000 miles on it. That was everything from sand dune riding without a paddle tire to desert to mountain trails.

It was the most dependable bike I had ever owned. My new one is too. It only has about 1500 miles on it. If it was taken care and does

not have 15 to 20 thousand miles on it I would suspect it to have perfect compression reading.

Maybe this information from the manual will help you.


You would be much better served using a leakdown test. Compression tests pinpoint nothing. They just tell you you've got reasonable compression or not. A leakdown is going to allow you to diagnose where the problem lies. Whether intake or exhaust side of the head....blowing by the rings etc. I am looking at an '02 this weekend. the owner claims it is in NEW condition. If I like it after inspection and a ride I plan on running the remaining battery of tests back in the garage.....and this will absolutely include a leakdown test. If you've got an air compressor capable of 100psi, you can make a homemade tester out of couplings and gauges from Sears. Worth the peace of mind IMHO.

I think we are look to just say there is not a problem. Something to say.....I can buy this bike. A leak down test would be cool if it's your bike and you are looking for why you have low compression. If the bike looks good, not abused, and you want to make sure it hasn't been ran 40K miles on the road having a compression test of close to 160psi would be a good easy check.

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