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List of People Coming to TT West Coast Run

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Ok here we go the list of those that have expressed interest in coming or are absolutely coming. If I missed your name please PM me that you are or are not coming. Space is only for 40 in Camp group A, I have 31 responses, 4 undecided and 1 Out of stator (OatMealPie). The Camp Group A will hold only 40 we have sites Reserved as overflow Sites 57 – 53. The way the Camp group will work is the first 40 are in, after that Morning star will set people up in the overflow camps. RV and Campers must make reservations in advanced with Morning Star. For those that want the own Camp Site, you must Call and reserve your own site. 40 in Site A, I need to confirm Site A People, All others will need to start making reservation in the overflow

Here is the list for Camp Group A:

Ego, Son & Daughter

Big Blue One



Cisco & 4 Buds

Eric Hicks

WRMike250f & Son



Mark Bailey & Son

Matt Jolly

Blade275 & Pops


Jschner + 2

Keith King

DRZ400vet +1


RacenAce + 1 Jeff Spencer

Husagas & 4-5 Buds

Toby S

Oat Meal Pie


Out Of State:

Oatmeal Pie *** See Camp Ground A

Thumpin Rock Hucker *** Camp Ground A

Jonesy1 *** Pending Camp Ground A

Keith S ***Maybe

In their Own Camp Site or Elsewhere:




San Fran Frank

Moto Jason

Bob E Moto


Not Sure Yet:



Dan From HB




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Camp grp A is full at 40

You will need to make your own reserves at morning star in the Overflow.

Ask for Pete or Kay tell them you are with ThumperTalk and need on of the over flow sites.

Each site will accommodate 6 people

Link to the Camping update Post


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