Is the wr426f '01 model a good bike? I have heard some bad things about some of them but I didn't pay attention because I was a Suzuki rider until now. I'm looking for a faster less heavy woods bike.

love my 01 WR426!

about the only 'issue' is the gearbox problems if a lot of tarmac work has been done, but the same goes for all WR's

I'm sure the 426 will be remembered as one of the best trail bike ever (for its generation).

I bought my bike because somebody I knew made me try his and it was great. He was telling me how much he loves his bike. I had two other person buy a WR426 since and they all agree that it's the best bike they could have bought (except maybe a WR450f :cry:).

It really is a great bike.

Is the wr426f '01 model a good bike?

My friend kept riding me about my "other" bike. He kept insisting that I get a Yamaha. This is coming from a guy who races hare scrambles, the 500 & the 1000, and rides a YZ250 2-smoke for fun. He just wouldn't stop bugging me.

Thanks to him I picked up a well-used, that he used to race on, '02 WR426F with all the YZ fixins' thrown in. I ride this almost exclusively now, unless I want to ride pavement on my "other" DP bike with knobbies.

This bike is lightning fast (to me). You can wind 'em up to 11K rpms, or just putt around, and with some suspension mods it'll scream on the track or trails.

I don't know much about "dirt only" machines, or Yamaha for that matter. Also, this is the most advanced bike I've owned to date, well above my novice level. But what I do know about this WRF is that it's one hell-uv-a ride! All I want to do is ride this beast. They are little temperamental when it comes to kickstarting, though. You gotta get the jetting right.

If you're looking for some "moto-vation," this is the drug of choice. Best of all it's legal! :cry:

I Have a 2001 wr426 and love it!!! :cry: :cry: No Problems. What are those gearbox problems after tarmac work, and what is tarmac work anyway? :cry:

One word: AWESOME!

I can't imagine a bike being any better. I absolutely love mine. I spent months researching what kind of bike to get and decided on a WR426/450. Here in California the 450s are red sticker so that left me with 2 options: wait for the '05s (and pay $$$$) or find a 01 or 02. I found an 01 and, like I said, it is awesome. I highly recommend you take a serious look at the WR line.


I Have a 2001 wr426 and love it!!! :cry: :cry: No Problems. What are those gearbox problems after tarmac work, and what is tarmac work anyway? :cry:

The "tarmac" is usally asphalt or cement. Usally their is "rubber" in the drive-line to cushion the tranny. Your bike isn't sporting any "protection." :cry:

Thanks for all the input; I am still looking at a couple of different bikes. How much difference in weight is there between the 2 bikes?

Having owned all three generations of WR4xx's I can tell you that in my experience they are all great bikes. No significant problems with any of them. Each generation (400/426/450) is an improvement over the previous one and although I think you would be happy with either bike my recommendation would be to go for an '04 or '05 450 if your budget allows. Although, by the scales, the 426 and 450 are pretty close the 450 rides much lighter and more nimble. The difference is much more significant than the difference between the 400/426 (and the E-start on the 450 is very addicting :cry:). Also the ergonomics on the 450 are a bit roomier. Having said that I would avoid an '03 450 like the plague unless it's had the '04 starter upgrades. I ride both in the desert and the forest and, with a little gearing change (14/48 & 14/52), the bike does both very well.

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