chain tension blocks (HELP)

has anyone elses 450 come with mismatching chain tension blocks mine has 11 marks on 1 side and 9 on the other witch kinda slows the process and making it more difficult to tighten my chain and how much owuld a new block or new set cost me has your answer, $49.95. however i don't look at the graduations on the blocks. my way:smirk:...loosen rear axle nut. check chain slack, adjust if necessary (2 fingers)between chain and slider. next sight down rear sprocket and chain up to front sprocket. rotate rear wheel by hand(fast)look at the clearance between the rear sprocket teeth and the chain. when wheel stops, adjust brake side adjuster until even gap is acheived between teeth and chain. (this may take several attempts, spinning the wheel and adjusting). once proper gap is acheived, check chain slack, adj. if needed. place wrench between chain and rear sprocket. roll wheel back slightly to take out all slack and force axle blocks against adj. bolts. tighten axle nut to factory spec. remove tool from chain/sprocket. tighten jam nuts while holding adj. bolts.

note: this is my method and have had no issues. do not use if your not comfortable with this. thanks.

Yamaha put out a service bulletin about them. What they said about them was that you should check the marks starting at the rear.

I run the GYTR blocks. I think that they were about $50. I think that they are pretty trick.

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