tps last words

i have heard alot of pros and only a few cons to un hooking my throttle position sensor on my yz450 please if you have had any negative effects from this please let me know. :cry:

Other than when I did it I caught my leg on it and ripped it off. Other than that it was ok. I ended reconnecting it though.

I didn't like the bike response when I unplugged it, seemed not as punchy, so went back to having it on.

I disconected mine and noticed a 5hp gain.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

cool page ovrrdrive. Seems a lot of people think it does way more and magically produces HP :cry:

markit, where did you get your bike dyno'ed after you disconnected the tps? 5 HP is a big jump. If you spend money to bore, port & polish, change cams, remap ignition, re-jet, use the powernow system, new exhaust and run race gas I can see getting a good gain in HP out but, not from unplugging something that changes the timing so :cry: back at you

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