newbie XR600 oil amount question...

According to the manual for my '97 XR600 I should add (2.06) quarts when changing oil and filter. But when I followed the directions to the letter it took (2.5) quarts to get the level to the upper hole on the stick. Thats almost a half quart more than the book says. I let the engine get up to operating temp then shut the engine off and immediately checked the level. All the while holding the bike level just like the manual says. And no, I didn't screw in the stick. What gives? Is there something I'm missing here?

I have a 93 and have found that 2.3 quarts puts me right in between the low and upper marks. Does anyone know if the bike should be filled to the upper mark? Could this pssibly increase oil pressure to the point that a seal might blow?

Let me tell you, filling an XR600 oil tank up to the "full" mark won't cause you problems! With my XR6's I had them full or sometimes an inch or more over and never had problems. Probably more is better though.

On my previous XR/XLs and present pig the oil can be checked while running. A couple of the 600s would spit a little out of the filler opening but the pig doesn't and can even be revved up and the level watched with a flashlight while running. You'll see that the level fluctuates quite a bit and comes up higher when it gets aerated. As long as you have some air space from the top of the oil to the vent in the frame you are ok. I have always run the oil at the highest level as insurance believing the most volume would help cooler running and oil wear as the turnover time through the motor would be slower. The older 600s seem to keep the oil up in the frame a lot better then the pig. Mine will not show any oil on the stick after setting overnight. Does everybody’s drain back that fast? It’s got to be gravity flowing backwards through the oil pump to get back down to the bottom and if it goes overnight are the pump clearances may be suspect?


Two things I have found: when you change the oil on the 600 if you kick it through a few times with the filter and oil plug out it will push out a lot of oil from the motor, also when draining tip the bike over-toward the drain plug side and more will drain out. These together will effect the amount of oil needed to re-fill the bike.

I have two XR600's, a 87 and 93, both take (2.5) quarts after changing the oil, I also run it to the full line and never had a problem. :)

Thanks for everyone's help. Seems like most of you have had similar results. Lets go ride!


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