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Need input on D/S 600/650

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Hey Thumpster,

I'm a former owner of a '93 XR650L with 15-20lb weight trimming, Pirelli tires, jetting/exhaust, etc. It was comfy on the street, and survived at Budds Creek Motocross Park, Maryland (although I don't recommend it for MX). I found it to be very capable- I only sold it because I gave up on street riding entirely. Me wife LOVED that bike. Not only was she a happy passenger, she also rode it with ME on the back. I believe you can find these early versions ('93 was the first) for around $2000. Pay attention to oil consumption, and be sure to richen the main jet 20 pts when you remove the oxygen canister. It's a great bike for dual sport. PM me for details if you want.

'01 YZ250F 49T, SDG seat, Vortex on the way

'99 BBR custom CR125/XR220 (wife's)

'02 TTR125L BBR everything

'02 TTR125L BBR everything (wife's) :D:)

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I'm looking into a dual sport XL/XR 600/650 to cruise the back roads with my wife this summer. The usage would be 70% street/30%Dirt. Years ago I owned an '84 XR 500 and liked the bike except for the weight in the tight woods!

My questions are:

1. How are your older mid '80's to '90's XRs/XLs holding up?

2. How is parts availability on the '80s models?

I have my YZ 400F for the woods so that area is covered. I don't want to buy a new Honda , that's why I'm looking at older machines.

Your input is much appreciated, thank you.


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