What year is it?

Bought it as a 2001 yz426 motor (NO BIKE), Want to know what year the head is . Anyway to tell? Or anyway to tell on the rest of the motor what year it is? Any help appreciated :)Thanks

Is the VIN stamped in anywhere on the engine?

J306E 002796 Stamped on the caseon top by the kicker ?????

Sorry, I cannot help. If you had the VIN, the 10th digit will tell you what year it is.









and so forth until 2009. The number you have looks like a serial number, and your local Yamaha dealer may be able to tell you from it. If you can find the frame the engine came out of, you can use the information from the VIN stamped into the frame.

Thanks for your help ktmr Is there any other numbers on the cases or head to look for? :cry:

Sorry, the VIN is the only way that I know of. It hsould be a 17 digit series of numbers and letters, probably starting with a "J".

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