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XR650R for a BIG guy riding in CT woods?!

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OK, so here's my question to alla y'all who are riders of the XR650R...

Oh, and FYI: I currently ride a KLR650, which I've geared down, jetted, Supertrapped, K&N'd, put some heavier springs and shock on it, and a few pieces of armor... I dual sport it, and the bike sees a LOT of dirt roads and relatively easy trails... the thing weighs 400 lbs and if/when I drop it (and I have), it always involves at least a turn signal replacement... SO, I'm lookin' for a REAL dirt bike that's going to be a LOT more easy to manage off-road than the KLR (which would become my full-on street ride with gearing & tire changes)...

OK, SO, Here's the question (I've read the mags and the Honda Marketing brochures, etc. too): Is this bike gonna do something for me here in THE TIGHT @$$ WOODS in CT? I need something that can go slow and doesn't feel like 400 lbs... Thing is, my impression is that the XR650 would be my best choice if I were livin' back in SD... where I could take her down to Baja or to Borrego or to Santa Clarita...

Would you recommend the bike to me for the CT WOODS? If so: What mods would you recommend so that I could get it set up 'proper like' for said use?

I do think that I could get a great deal on the XR650R here because, everyone else with my kinda interest is demandin' / buyin' XR400s, WR426s, DRZ400s and KTM400s or 520s... SO, I just might be able to swing a good deal...

As you may surmise, I am not of the racing persuasion and I'm pretty easy-going realtive to a lot of you guys who're doing this stuff daily...

Appreciate any helpful advice or whatever that you might offer.

Regards, F

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