XR650R VS DRZ400E anybody ridden both?

I stopped by my local shop on Saturday and almost bought a new DRZ400E. Is $4892 OTD a good price?

I left because I did not want to waste a beautiful riding day. Bike not out of crate yet.

Got to riding area, TNT, and met up with a guy with an XR650R, stock. The bike is kinda weak as is, but it rides like a dream and is great in the woods.

I am second guessing the DRZ purchase because I have not ridden one yet. Someone with experience on both please help!


I've ridden both and can only say that the DRZ is better IMO as an all around bike. WIth that being said, my father, who has always had xr's is right at home with his 650R.

My opinions:


better ergos, thinner

feels lighter, is lighter

stock gearing, top speed is about 80-85

gotta love the elec starter!

is great in woods!

not so great in whoops

turns great!

very quiet and easy to ride/maintain


more stable at speed

has more top end than you'll need

not good in woods

doesn't turn as well as drz

feels very porky(but then again I'm use to drz)

pegs feel like ther up too high

kick starter, but kicks pretty easy

doesn't rev as high as drz

power up kit is needed

power up kit makes the bike louder.

not bad in whoops

great for high speed sand washes and flat open dirt roads.

If most of my riding consisted of long mileage, flat fast stuff, I would go with the 650R. Otherwise for all types of riding, which is what I like....(mostly 2-4 gear stuff) I would definately go with the zook.

My $.02

That is a great price if it is a 2002 DRZ400E.

If it is a left over 2001 go for a slightly used one and save another $1000 or more and probably get some extras.

Also have seen a few XR650R sold used for around $4000 to 4500. They where all barly used. Too much bike for the buyers and not a lot of lookers.

They are kind of special but if you can handle one in the right terrain look out.

I am spoiled with the Suzuki electric start. Wish I could afford a KTM.

RR and Jakal: You guys are gettin' at my question... yeah, based on what R said, it fits with my impression about the XR650 for myself in CT woods... it's not the best choice for a woods bike... just wondering if it's at least passable... and with what mods for a big person, i.e. 6'5", 260 lbs...

Anyway, thanks for your question, J... and for your info, R... Regards, F

Go with the DRZ. I have been an XR man from day 1 and I took the DRZ over the XR650. I had a XR600 and loved the bike. I was all set to buy a new 650 but waited until the first of the year. In Nov I did a ride to Cabo and rode the 650 for 1/2 an hour and rode a DRZ for a while. It was hard to deside. But after 6 days of kick starting my XR and the other guy pushing that button I knew I had to get the DRZ.

I guess you need to ask your self do you want to kick or hit the button. The rest is all good.

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