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Question about XR600 Long Term Maintenance & Performance Upgrades

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I have a '96 Honda XR600 with a Baja Designs dualsport kit on it.

This thing has been bullet proof and has NEVER had a mechanical problem. :thumbsup:

I've been good about maintenance...

* change the oil every 300 miles

* clean the air filter every other ride

* and adjust the valves every 500-1000 miles

I've added the following mods for more power....

* opened the airbox top

* grinded out the welds in the header flanges

* opened the stock muffler end and welded on a turn-down tip

* Re-jetted

I plan to keep this thing for another year... or 2 maximum and then get the latest high-zoot scoot. (XR650?)

Heck, I may even get the new bike and keep the old XR600 for my mostly street dual-sport.

Here's my question...

I wouldn't mind having a little more power, so what should I do next to get me the best "bang for my buck?"

* New muffler? (FMF Powercore IV?)

* New cam?

* 628 kit?

* Cam timing -> http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/xrproject.html

Plus, when should I refresh the engine with stuff like...

* new valves, guides, & valve springs

* rocker arms & cam

* piston, rings, bore

* etc.

Anybody got any good XR600 stuff for sale? :devil:

Thanks in advance for your advice...

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Replace the choke plate with an after market plate. You can get it from Concepts Racing 909-894-6117 for 29.95. The stock one on my bike broke off and ruined the whole engine, Cost over $2000.00 to rebuild (and of course modify). Otherwise, when the conpression starts to drop and the engine starts to smoke after cranking when the engine is cold, then it's time for a top end job. :cry:

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