Exhaust Baffle

Does anyone know of a place to pick up a new one at a decent price? Doesn't have to be stock, but it would be great if it had higher flow than the stock one.

www.quietiscool.com Put one in my 03WR450 and it's great. One tube, same size all the way thru with a down-turned outlet. Rode with it Saturday, got compliments an how quiet it is and she ran great....felt like no baffle at all! :thumbsup:

Quietiscool part look interesting. I have the Yamaha GYT-R insert cost is about the same (~$40.00), reasonably quiet and more power than stock.

PMB (Promotobillet) also makes an insert you might want to look at.

How much space is left between the end of the spark arrestor and the tube? It looks like it is longer than the other designs.

I've got a PMB insert still in the package I'll sell you. PM me if you're interested :thumbsup:

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