vortex dual curve cdi

Hi all ,

bought a yz426 supermoto fitted with dual curve vortex cdi . Do any of you have any thoughts or dealings with this in the past . Any idea on power gains or should I just stick with standard cdi .

cheers Stevie

I run a Wolf, same thing. What do you want to know? Have you run both curves? Did you notice a difference?

Haven't tried both curves yet as the guy I bought the bike

from hadn't put the switch on to change curves .So I don't

know whether it's on power or traction .Got a switch for it last week but the wiring is different because the cdi was from WR not YZ so Vortex are having to find out for me where to wire the switch in.

Was just wondering if there is a differnce in power output,

rideability etc.

many thanks Steashy

Yz426 '00' ,vortex cdi,fmf q system ,tag tripple clamps,talon blue supermoto hubs ,polished xcel rims , 320mm brembo brake ,carbon lorraine sbk3 pads,rennsport rs1's,road registered

Yes there is a difference in each setting, and as Keith said it can all be changed.

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