Tuning XR600 With new Hot Cams camshaft

Hey all knowing, I have a question! :thumbsup:

Just installed a new fancy "Hot Cams" bump stick, and now the bike won't idle for more than 10 seconds. Anybody have this setup? What would the carb settings be?

All stock except for cam, Uni Filter and Arrow slip-on.

Ihave a 93 XR600 and my 1st stage hot cam lasted about 700 miles and took out the rocker arms along with the cam.

now I have a WEBCAM and it works great. Hot cams would not replace the cam or the destroyed parts. Never could get the jetting right even after E-Mailing there support group for 3 months.

I have heard more horror stories with people changing thier cams, usually ends in disaster. I sure as heck would never do it. I would leave schit like that to the race guys that can afford to rebuild thier motors after every race :thumbsup:

Hot Cams is gonna be out of business in 2 years or less judging by what EVERYBODY says about them...

Try the HRC stage one cam for bottom end hit, stage 2 for mid range to top end--stage two and ya need to pay attention to clearences. You cant go wrong with Honda factory parts. On the 650 a mild cam is a very safe/reliable upgrade. XR's Only and Sr Barnum have good mild cams as well as full on race cams that will need some special attention. For sure the increased lift on a big cam will give extra wear to the rockers (so its good to have them hardened) and ya gotta check the lift limits of the valve springs to make sure they will last on the big cams. Big cams can render a bike unable to hold a steady low idle, so ya might have to turn it up to keep from stalling.

For sure its better to stick with the mild cam unless yer goin racin...

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