is the airbox the same between the 400 and 426 ?

just wondering if the airbox is the same between the 400 and the 426 ?


Somebody's lookin at a CF airbox! :thumbsup:

just wondering if the airbox is the same between the 400 and the 426 ?

Yes and no! It will work but the hotstart hose will not work on a 426 air box. The 99 has a different hotstart then the 2000 and later. The vent for the 99 get's filtered air from the air box the 2000 and later it's built into the carb. If you get the Zipty hotstart for the 99 then you can use the 2000 and later air box and still have hotstart and you will also have the hotstart on the handle bars. Hope this helps.

as a matter of fact i am lookin at a carbon fiber airbox are there preformance gains ? or just weight loss ? are they worth the money ?

I had a Dr D box, that I bought from Skthom who bought it from Wyatt.....anyway, there is a slight improvement in throttle response as the bike breaths better (at least with the DR. D box) , there is a 2-3 pound weight loss and it looks trick! I sold mine when I did the 450 Plastic conversion to my 426.

I HAD the DSP carbo airbox and didnt like it. It killed the lowend. I was wanting to try the Dr D one but never could find one. Good luck.

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