How low can you go???

I went to the track last night and there is a big table top that I have not gotten big enough cahones sp? to jump the whole thing. So it launches me very high and I land fairly hard on top of the table top.

One time while doing it I noticed a good thud and thought..."wow, I just bottomed out my front forks". On the next lap there were two blue rail marks from my frame impregnated in the dirt. I looked at my frame and the paint was gone.

My question is...on a flat landing isn't your suspension supposed to bottom out before your frame hits the ground? What is up with this? This can not be normal. When I looked at my forks the dust line appeared as if it went all the way down to about 1/4 inch above the wheel chuck...this can not be right.

Any devine insight is greatly appreciated.

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I drug my frame after badly longing a stepup (like a stepup tunnel jump w/o the tunnel) and landing on the flat. I hit to the side of the hardpack lane and in rough disked dirt so the wheels went in a few inches. I'm sure the tires flattened out. I rode away from it, straight to the truck. Wrists and ankles were tweaked pretty good but rode the next day.

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I think when you're suspension is bottomed then on flat ground the frame is really pretty close to the ground. Now add some soft and/or uneven dirt (a rut maybe, etc..) then that's probably how your frame hit.

im about 260 lbs and when i first got my bike i took it to a track and landed flat on a tabletop (hardpack) and it drug the frame, i saw the blue on the table top. if youre gonna land flat on a tabletop its almost like just dropping out of the sky, there is very little forward momentum (unless you have a more slope-ish take off) once you bottom out your shock and forks, the frame still wants to keep going towards the ground because you just blasted threw the suspension in the front and back. so basically the frame is a last ditch suspension :)

Hey CJ, were you riding at Thunder Valley, up at I-70 and C-470? THey have a jump similar to what you described...just wondering.

i like what thumper4life said. i have zero paint left on the bottom of my frame left. i have bottomed, cased or crashed everything we have to offer here in sunny central oregon! i have seen many other people drag their frame also. :)

Figure how much ground clearence, minus the travel of the suspension, tires compressing,your pretty much bottom-out to the frame. On flat landings try to land with your rear wheel first, pull-up hard to get the front end up. :)

The frame flexs more than you wanna know about, I can almost gaurantee it! Ive come up short on big tables and slammed the frame hard enough to draw blue stripes myself. It hurts! Hurt my ankle more than the wrist though. The part where all the mud and muck goes flying when ya hit, that when ya know youve hit hard, when you literally make a splat!

The best way to soften a landing is to land with the throttle on hard. It obviously lightens the front tire. But the torque on the chain helps keep the back from bottoming. On one 3rd pinned uphill double, I land hard but with full throttle and actually wheelie right out of the landing. Keeps my ankles from tweaking.

Good luck,


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