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Modifying a YZ stator to work on WR (2002)

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I am trying to put a YZ250F flywheel/stator on my WR250F. Mechanically the parts bolt up fine. The connectors have the same number and colors of wires. However, I get no spark.

It appears that there are different grounding patterns for hte charge coils in the WRF CDI. Does anyone know how I can modify the wiring on the stator to get it to work with the WRF CDI?

Here's what I know:

Pickup coil: Red (+) and white (-) wires (same on YZF)

Charging coil 1: brown (+) and green (-) wires (same on YZF)

Charging coil 2: Pink (+) and green (-) wires, on WRF

Charging coil 2: Pink (+) and black (-) wires, on YZF

There is an additional yellow wire in a separate connector on the WRF for the lights that is combined with the black (-) wire. I have been running with this connector unplugged and the voltage regulator removed for years as I do not use lights.

I was thinking that on the WRF they use the black wire and the yellow wire for the lights. That's why they use the green wire as a common ground for both charge coils. So I thought I had it made. On the YZF stator harness, I spliced the black and green wires to provide a common ground the green wire coupler from the CDI. Well it didn't work. Still no spark.

I am thinking that maybe I need to take the black wire from the harness and ground to frame?

Anyone have any ideas?


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