cdi source voltage -a/c or d/c ?

I am in the midst of removing my starter and battery, and all uneccessary switches and wiring from my bike.

I recall somebody posting that the cdi feed source and ALL other electrical except for the battery and starter are ac voltage?

Is this true?

I was under the impression that Most bikes receive dc feed to the ignition components , regardless whether the magneto is ac or dc as a regulator rectifier with a diode are utilized to convert and clean the voltage feed to the cdi and ign coil.

Being able to remove the regulator rectifier would finish and simplify my endeavor, but I thought I need it.

_ I'm afraid I might fry the cdi if the regulator rectifier is not used. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:usa::

If you can post a wiring diagram I can tell you. I have a 426, which is different.

I don't have the diagramin front of me, but I'm pretty sure the CDI box is powered by DC, it's also getting an AC signal from the source coil though, IIRC...

yup your right,ignition power is dc, supplied through the regulator, rectifier. Timing signal is ac . Thanks guys.

Wow I can't believe how much the starter, gears, battery, switch, etc etc weighed. Put it all in a plastic bag- 11 pounds, and about 12 oz of it was the stupid starter clutch which I removed as well. :devil::thumbsup:

Now its the bike yamaha should have built. Has a big coil for lights or hand warmers if desired,wide ratio tranny,decent sized tank, starts 1st kick every time and no fluff.

Quite a noticable difference in the way it pulls too.

Think I'll be putting a smaller rear sprocket on it as it will pull it better.

Some might say its bastardised, but they ride heavy bastards!! with rotor problems !! :awww:

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