Where can I get a magnetic drain plug and a good oil filter?


My bike is due for it's first oil change and I want to get only the best stuff for it. It's a 2004 WR450F. Where can I get a magnetic drain plug, good oil filter (which is better, paper or the reusable metal kind and from who?) and what oil do you use? I'm thinking of using synthetic. Are K&N oil filters pretty good? Are they reusable? I like the thought of a reusable oil filter just because I don't have to make a trip to the dealer and buy one all the time but it just seems like they should be tossed out after a few uses? I dunno, maybe it's just me. :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for their input! :devil:

Zip Ty racing has the best magnetic drain plug and Scotts has a very good Re usable oil filter. I think k&n makes a filter for our bikes but most of us use the foam type.

Hope this helps you some.


I use NoToil oil filters with all the NoToil cleaners and what not. In fact I gotta go home and clean mine tonight before tommorow's ride. Check it:


the man asked about oil filters. spend the money, buy the k&n oil filters. get a couple at a time. cheap insurance. scotts sells a reusable mesh filter that should last the life of your bike. your going to get a lot of opinions on oil. you might want to do a search. which ever brand you choose, change it often. your bike will love you for it. you can get a magnetic drain plug from your yamaha dealer through the gytr catalog.

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