ITS ALIVE!!!!! 450 is running! strange noise???

Bought an 03 in a crate...... Well, Its alive and it friggin Rips!! OMG now thats power!

Well head work @ cleaned up cam journals, new valve, 5 new seats... good as new. Hinson clutch basket, better than new.

This motor is amazing, but mine makes a stange noise, maybe from the stator? I think that because there was some wear on the wraps of wire on the stator. and the flywheel weight, ( 9 oz, i think) has some wear, scratches on the inside. (also found a staple when i took it apart!) So I used the stock flywheel, which looked as good as new.

I hear the noise at low rpm, a whirring, almost clutch chatter kind of sound, BUT I hear it on the left more so than anywhere else. once past 1/4 throttle, it is gone or just not loud enough to hear.

ANY OPINIONS ----Please.

Other things I had to fix on my E bay buy...

(Not comnplaining.... just a warning, be cafeful what you buy! So far I'm at about 3600-3700, for an 03, so I'm happy, but)

subframe, bent about 1.5 - 2 " to the left, but muffler still clears tire..... 2x 4 = fixed

The cases had no alignment locating pins!! $3.00

oil filter cover - no o-rings $1.00

the gear that drives the oil pump, THIS IS THE BEST!!!!

had no bushing inside the gear!!

shaft... 12 mm inside of gear minus brass bushing, a little over 15mm = very little oil pumping. also.. the gear bounced around enough to almost remove the rivets from the back of the stock clutch basket :thumbsup:

new gear, shaft circlip... $35.00 and ten minutes on my lathe to make a spacer .050 to make up for lost Al.

bent and cracked oil screen in frame, With some crappy glue to try to stop the leak.

no o ring at the motor where the oil returns from the frame!

I am very glad I bought this bike, she deserves better that she was given. I promise to take care of her! :devil:

SOOOOOO, I'm wondering about the funny noise.....

I guess I would say it sounds like a wire brush rubbing lightly on the flywheel?!?!?!?

I will be taking her back apart, and will report anything I find, but I always love the Knowledge of TT Experiance. :awww:

Oh Yeah.... I almost forgot... another good one!!!

The bearing for the clutch pull arm was GONE!!! Well most of it. There was a new seal, not pressed in enough.. and It had the outer race still in the hole, but no rollers or inner race!! :thumbsup::devil::awww: and a few more beers b4 I gEt My BiGgR HamMMer, thn i'LL Fax Her!!

Whoa There little fella, less beer!!

I asked myself where those little rollers in the oil could have come from?????

Maybe from a bearing!!

Oh well.. 30 sec. with a bearing puller, and I'll never have to see or think about that again!

thanks everybody! :lol:

I just realized that I never checked the crank for straightness. :thumbsup:

I don't think this is the problem... but, it could be, I guess. I'll be pulling the flywheel tonight to see if the crank runs true...

Noboby wants to give me opinions :devil:


You sure have alot of time on your hands. Should save yourself some time and got one that was in good shape that you could ride like hell from the get go. Just think of all the time your tinkering that you could be riding. Just my 2 cents.

You bought this on Ebay

I assume New from a dealer it sounds

Personally the way you write this up

you got ripped off and your happy about it.

Sorry thats just my take on how you have presented this :thumbsup: crazyadam sounds about right :devil:

Did you used to be egoahole?

It says in my post... 3600 for the bike after repairs...and modifications.

SO obviously not NEW from dealer.

I can not afford a NEW bike, never have! but a like new 03 for 3600, I can make happen.

I am not happy about being ripped off, I am happy to save the life of an abused soul. just like my 2 dogs and cat, all from abusive families... all spoiled rotten at my house, all are now Royallty in my castle!

I WILL KNOCK ALL THE TEETH OUT OF THE mfERS HEAD if I see him again.( Ahole I bought the bike from, or a hole I got my dog from)

I am very happy to have a near perfect YZ in my garage next to my YZ/WR 400, which I ride while I fix the other. (for sale)

Oh and as for time on my hands.... I manage a UNION machine shop, and at about 9:00am every day... my job is done.... so free time till 4:00 PAID!! read, work on bike, run to parts store, fix my truck, work on grandmas cadillac, Look at TT, hell I've even takin a dirt bike ride in the city at 10:00am wheelies up and down main in buffalo, by the amtrack! :thumbsup:

the noise is prob a non fixed clutch noise. Look for clutch mods on here.

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