Pro-Circuit 496 vs FMF Q for 426

Ok I have been waiting over a flippin year "Almost" for the White Bothers E2 pipe to be released for the 426. They have pushed the release date back one to many times for me now. I am a WB loyalist, but frankly I am fed up on waiting. They now say Mid July at best or late July...... :thumbsup:

So all you 426 owners who have opted to the Pro-C 496 and or the FMF Q. I am not a fan of either, but am willing to opt for second best IMO

What say you about them

Pro's, Con's?

I will even be interested in the 450 people who have the E2 should I wait another Month for it

John I have the FMF Q and so far so good. It makes less power than stock opened up on my WR but it's better than the inserts. I have not had any problems with it either. And remember FMF supports the BRC :thumbsup:

I have a PC496 on my '03 WR450. Runs better than stock (uncorked), but not much quieter IMO.

I like the Q on my 400, it is much quiter than stock. So much so that you start to hear all of the weird noises in your engine and you get paranoid!

The only [@#$%&*!] I have is with the stupid strap mount that attaches the muffler to the subframe. It is nearly impossible to attach the muffler with the bolt and spacer (you need the spacer or the tire will rub the muffler) provided with the muffler. I just used a longer bolt and the problem is solved. Still, the strap is cheesy, it doesn't belong on a $300 muffler.


I was rushing to get one of my bikes ready to do some trail riding on a vacation to Idaho last Labor day and of course was running late. I had to pull a couple of all nighters to get the bike together (I had swapped motors between frames). So I am exhausted and at about 4AM I am trying to get that damn strap on and not thinking to straight. Took me a while being that tired to think of a longer bolt. What a PITA.

Anyway it is quiet but does cut power across the board compared to stock YZ exhaust. Never used PC496 or E2 to compare.

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