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Do you need to change the oil filter or can you wash it out with gas?

Originally posted by DJ426:

Do you need to change the oil filter or can you wash it out with gas?

You can backflush it as many times as you want, just inspect the mesh carefully for tears before you reinstall.

I wouldn't use gas as it is rough on the plastic gaskets. Try using contact cleaner and spray it out.


I usually remove the gaskets, drop the filter in a jar with a little gas, shake it around a few times, then blow compressed air thru the filter to help remove any stubborn particles and viola….all done. Just be sure to visually inspect the screen and the gaskets before replacing. I bought a spare oil filter when I got the bike in Nov 2000. I just rotate the stocker with the spare if Im in a hurry. So far I have about 20 oil changes between the two filters. They’re pretty durable if you take some care handling them.


Personally I have a problem with sticking old filters back into a bike or car.

I know they can be cleaned, but the micro sludge that is in the filter, the heat of the oil it breaks down, I do not care what anyone says on this (Personally)

For the price of after market (Frame, UNI and others) you can buy 3 to one. Plus 10 –13 bucks for OEM is a small price to pay to keep the Engine sano. You cannot see Micro tears.

That’s my opinion only

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Well Dj...Its up to you...I must have good eyesight, I swear I could see a tear in the mesh. By no means is it a bad idea to change the filter with every oil change, but the stock one can be reused many times if it passes a visual inspection. I change my oil almost every ride so I have a pretty good idea of the current condition of my oil filter. I just see no reason to throw something out if its able to function properly. No matter what, be sure to change the oil frequently…that’s the key with these bikes.


Thanks very much. I think that I will reuse at least two to three times then replace. Also I purchased a case of oil from costco 10-40 weight. The manual says to use API SH the one from costco is API SL. What is the difference?

ohhh you guys...... REPLACE THE FILTER EVERY OIL CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!! EVERY SINGLE OIL CHANGE!!!!! dont reuse the filters. Just like ego said, you wont see small tears. so yah, dont reuse them, unless your a cheap @$$!

It sounds like many of you are changing the oil and filter every ride. What about cleaning the wire mesh how often do you all clean that?

Give Scotts oil filter a try! The initial cost is high, but you will recoup your money quickly if you change your filter on every oil change. Currently I change my oil and clean my Scotts filter every 4hrs and I have experienced zero wear in the screen.

I have never cleaned the oil strainer, and I don't plan on it for a while. It is just to catch any forien materials that get into the filler spout. Just keep stuff out of the spout, and it should be fine. The only time you should have to open it is in the garage anyways.

Originally posted by flyinguitars:

No matter what, be sure to change the oil frequently that's the key with these bikes.


Ever looked at an oil filter screen on an XR. It's not a very fine mesh. They seem to last a long time, even when they're pushed hard.

I use the same filter until it gets mashed or twisted. I'm more concerned about it not flowing well than it letting a few tiny particles through. I just spay it clean with some brake or carby cleaner.

I thought these bikes asked for SJ? Anyway, the different letters mean they meet different standards. You can look the info up on a web site somewhere but I'm not sure what the URL is. Maybe someone can post the link for us.

you can clean them with spray brake cleaner but don't reuse them more than 3 times. its smarter to just replace them each time. I think they're like 5 bucks each.

and to add my 2 cents, now K@N is making a filter for our bikes too. Parts Unlimited number is kn-142. about 8 bucks I think but you can definitely reuse this one. Frank

My oil filters are going to get about 2-3 oil changes and then get replaced. It's just cheap insurance, why spend $6k on a bike and not want to replace a $10 filter to make it run for a long time.

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