Just got my frame back from Power Coating!!!

I got my frame done in satin black. I also ordered the hurricane kit and a black tank. Man does the frame sure look sweet. I will post pics as soon as it is done. Anyone interested in a full set of plastic? -tank(sold)

how was it prepped?

Make sure you get all of the sand out of it....

I may be interested. How much would you sell it for? You can pm me. Or I have a z start I am wanting to sell. I have the complete kit, including perch mount adjuster. Let me know.

Here is my 250


That is a sweet looking machine! :thumbsup:

I think yellow and black are the right colors for yamaha. That is a good look on your 250 :thumbsup:

I'm assuming that was when it was first done, even if you wash it after every ride, it can't look that now, it must be showing signs of being "broke in". Yamaha should have never left the black and yellow. Suzuki should have been the one to change. It sure looks awesome, wish I had it or the money to get and build one like it......ahhh, someday :thumbsup:

That is when it was first done. I have been down a few times since. The yellow plastic shows very little damage. It's not the same color as Suzuki either.

Bike is apart again getting a 280 kit and cams in it.

Do you have black or yellow tank on that thing. I cant tell from the picture.

Do they still make the yellow retrofit kit for that 426's? I was thinking about chroming my frame. How much did you guy's pay for your powder coat job?

Look up mxsouth.com in the One Ind. kits. It's there for 426. I powder coated my 426 DARK FINE METAL FLAKE GREY. Still have the blue plastics on, good match. May go with Hurricane kit next year. Like the idea of black tank. Will go with any futur combo. :thumbsup: ( Orange, silver, black, etc. ! )

eek, looks like i have to change colors now.

tard 001.jpg

WOW! I love it! Nice bikes.

What brand of tank is that sjwr450 ?

Man reviving an old post! That was a clarke. I have since put 04 body work on still in the Hurricane setup. I used the stock tank Dyed black.

How did you dye the tank? Any issues with the color scratching off or wearing off?

Well there are graphics covering where it could wear. Right now I have no issues at all. I cannot tell the difference. Time will probably tell. Gas does not affect it, but I'm sure deep scratches would show.

Any more details on exactly how you dyed the tank? Thanks, Chris. :thumbsup:

Thanks for that. :thumbsup:

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