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What size Michelin tire are you running on the front and rear of you bike? I want to get an M12, but most online stores don't carry the 110/90-19 which is the stock Dunlop size. Can you give me a little advice?

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On the Mich. they size them diff cuz' they are European sizing or something.......(dont ask me, I thought milimeters are milimeters whichever pond you were across!!)

I think I have the 90/90 on the front which is ...or at least seems wider than the 90/90 s-12 front. I think it is the shape. more rounded instead of pointy but with a med- aggressive tread design. This roundedness helps on hard pack and roads keeping it from feeling washy while the aggressive tread helps in the soft stuff!


On the back I have the 130 S-12 which I believe is the same as a 110 or 120 in Japanese sizing charts.

The Mich have the stamp on the sidewall with the 130 or whatever then the TRUE size WE in the USA are used to is on a <font color=yellow>YELLOW sticker on the sidewall.

Dont ask me why the heck they do this but they do!???


And they are like $48 and $62 bucks!!!

My friend w/Kx250 and another w/katomaa 520mxc have the starcross soft up front.

kinda between the S-12f and the M-12fr!

pretty good too! :D

No complaints about M-12f/S-12r here! :)ROCKYMOUNTAINATV.COM CLICK here

[ June 28, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

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