Tire Size?

I know what the numbers mean that is not the question. The correct tire to run on the rear is a 110/90-19 right? I wanted to get a new rear tire and was going to try a M12, but Rocky Mountain doesn't offer any of their tires in that size. What is the deal. I love Rocky and have had great results with their people so I want to keep using them. This is off the web site too though. Anyway are you guys running this size of tire or have you switched tire size?

I don’t think a Michelin size is equivalent to a Dunlop size. You may want to check with them, but I think the 120mm Michelin will be the same size as a 110 Dunlop.

Hope this helps.

I have the H12 on my 426 and the tire size you need is the the 130/70/19 which is the same as 110/90/19. I purchased the 120/80/19 thinking i was getting a bigger tire, but it is the same as Dunlops 100/90/19. Hope this helps

I have an idea, let's standardize the sizing. What a concept. We could make it like regular tires and actually stick to the size it says it is.

Correction I have the M12 tires front & rear. From what I heard Michelin still uses the old metric system for measuring tires. Sounds kind of stupid to me!

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