Wr450 Battery

I have an 03 WR450 that does not start with the electric starter. I only get a clicking sound everytime I press the starter button. I have checked the battery terminals and noticed there are two fuses next to the battery but both are fine. I have replaced the battery with a brand new original Yami battery but still get the same problem. I can start the bike with the kick starter and if I let it run for 10 minutes or so then bike will turn over but not enough to start the bike. However the next attempt it goes back to the clicking sound. Any ideas. Some people have mentioned the woodruff key but noone so far is sure. Any ideas appreciated.

Connect volt meter to the battery terminals and check the voltage. If less that 12.8V battery needs full charging, e.g. with battery charger, but with not more than 1AMPER !!!. Start the engine and test voltage on running engine at about 5000 rpm, it must be 14V-15V.

BTW All this is desctibed in the service manual...

check that the auto decompression is coming on, the battery obviously doesnt have enough cranking amps to turn the batter over. cranking amps are different to normal amps, if the auto decomp aint kickin in the starter motor will not turn thebike over. you could try a batteryout of a harley but might blow the fuse, will start the bike for sure though :thumbsup:

Check where the negative wire goes on the starter . They get fairly crappy from mud.The bright sparks at yamaha put a philips head screw thru it facing the motor.I managed to get mine out with a 8 mm ring spanner ?.Just lucky i guess . I cleaned it up and put it back on with a stainless allen key from the carbi side.If i need to get it off in the bush i now hope it will come off.Also the batterys are [@#$%&*!].I have replaced mine once and now use a battery tender.


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