This is for all those with new WR's that are always asking for the free mods. :thumbsup: I know there are more links but this one's pretty simple and has some pictures. If anyone else has some links to add, go ahead. I'm just trying to keep everything in one post. Someday TT may just keep a post with the links at the top so new people won't have to ask. :awww:


The guys on the 250 side has very nice tagged tread for new users, explaining some of the usual question. I thing it will be good if our moderator make the same on the WR side.

Good idea, and good link, but can you tell me how to get 48hour days so I can get some of this stuff done... :thumbsup:

The problem for me is that the Australian bikes don't have throttle stops to be shortened, and have different mufflers... I wil have to scrounge some pics from someone stateside to cover all bases...

I will shuffle it up on my list of things to finish by the weekend (ain't saying which weekend though... :awww:)


Good idea! :awww:

If you find some, post em please!

Thanky :thumbsup:

Give me a few weeks to get a wr450, and I'll take a bunch of high res photo's for you of the stuff I change before and after.

Of course, I'm still pretty new to working on motorcycles so I'll be winging it, but the pics should be ok.

I did all those mods to my 04 WR450 and it made a huge improvement!!!!!!! My WR is a rocket ship!

If anyone else has some links to add, go ahead.

most every mod that we have detailed in the 250F FAQ is directly applicable to the 450F as well. and besides the mods section, there is a ton of info on maintenance and jetting that "crosses over" to the 450F. in particular, the procedures for greasing your swingarm/linkage bearings, verifying that your valve clearances are correct, and adjusting the bog out of your accelerator pump may come in very handy.

click on


and keep scrolling down for all the info...

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

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