4 speed

My Opinion on the yznvegas and therapture debate


You used the same argument with me here is your problem with that argument.


You start the flame based only on a none threatening Post from therapture


Now we know that you are slow enough that a klx300 smokes you. Deal with it. The YZ450 is a 4 speed, and meant for MOTOCROSS, NOT desert riding, so I recommend you don't buy one. Get a klx300 instead, seems more your speed.

Therapture, maybe your too damn dumb to realize we were on a straight, flat out straight run. No skill applies, just twist the throttle, get it???

Obviously the klx300 couldn't even beat a 4-speed yz450, you dope. I was being sarcastic, kinda like when people tell YOU that you are cool , they are being sarcastic.

Vegas You started the name calling and the demeaning nature of your attitude here, and therapture only points out what we all know is true...

Nope, I just recognize that you are an incessant, sarcastic flamer, a smart aleck, and appear to be a blatant homophobe. I don't base my life on whether or not anyone thinks I am "cool". I could care less what unimportant internet badasses like you think of me. Especially jackasses like you. You are hated by both red and blue boards alike, so I could care less what you think Too bad we can't meet face to face and discuss this like men.

Fact is, you are not worthy of a real mx bike like the new 450, so stay off it. Take up something like knitting, it is more your style.

No you respond with a I cant come back legitimately so I will spin it around and act like he is the bad guy reply

Thanks for the suggestion, you wanting to settle this like men wouldn't apply though. BOTH of us would have to be men and since you are obviously so insecure, your probably a little teenage girl with boys on your mind.

Another thing, don't accuse me of being someone who likes to pick fights, look at you coming down on me. You are doing the very same thing you are accusing me of doing, you are not only dumb, but your a hypocrite too.

Have a great day and if you ever want to wash my bike, no thanks, I already got a boy that does that for me.

Now lets just stop lil guys both of you

Ego, I don't know why you are even getting involved. Heres the reason your argument holds no weight. I was making a comment about an inanimate object i.e. the dirtbikes. Actually, my dislike for the 4-speed gear box in the new Yamaha.

Than, therapture attacks my riding abilities and tells me not to buy a Yamaha because I can't handle it anyway. I was talking about dirtbikes and than this jerk starts in with the flames on me because he disagrees with my personal choice about inanimate objects. Again, LAME

Go re-read the posts everyone, Therapture started the personal attacks, so if your gonna run your trap Ego, get your facts straight first.

mister wizard...hellllp!!!! :)

Rest My Case

Immmmmmm Baaaaaaa cccccckckkkkkkkkkk

vegas grow up son

Plus are you holding the same argument for the posts on Hey Vanilla

Get a grip and shut your trap

[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Excuse me, but aren't we all on the same bikes? If you don't like the 4 speed, get over it. It is a "MOTOCROSS" bike! You will probably see most of the "open" bikes going this way from KTM's to Honda 's. Go buy a WR if you don't like it. Geez! :)

4 gears means many holeshots. Not having to shift before the first turn will be sweet. I like the Ti head pipe saves a little money there. I think this bike is more geared toward motocross but so what. That is what the WR is for. The WR is getting a weight reduction as well if that is what your interested in. Besides fourstrokes are the future whether its moto or trail or road. Technology and laws are just forcing things that way. So dont feel like you've been jipped if your a hard core 4-stroke trail rider and this bike is too motocross for you. Just get the WR or a nice DRZ. I think both of those bikes are sweet. yznvegas... I dont know what your problem is but you are the biggest pessimist(big word) that I have ever seen. All you have to say is negative **** . If your just gonna bitch why do you ride? and why the hell do you post on this site. PLEASE SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!!!!

It looks to me like the real-world top speed of the YZ450 will be in the 75 to 80 mph range.

And anybody who cannot see that a good many customers really need a five speed needs to pull their head out of the sand. Sure, we can buy WRs, but why should we have to?

I'll restate my challenge:

If any of you four-speed lovers can actually tell the difference, and will actually benefit, from having one less gear in there I'll agree that the four speed is a positive change.

Otherwise I don't see how you can argue with my assertion that removing a gear is a step backwards for a good portion of the YZ market. That isn’t a whine, just my opinion, and one that I think is perfectly reasonable and not at all difficult to understand.

I would love to race motocross, it looks like a lot of fun, but the nearest track is a two hour drive and only runs a 6 month season anyway. I use fifth gear every time I get on my YZ, and I generally run 14/47 or 15/49 gearing.

It just irks me that, in order to save a half a pound, Yamaha made the bike unusable for me (and my hero Ty Davis).

[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: Hick ]

True, there's not alot of point to the flaming. Egoahole has some good points, regardless of his sometimes outspoken and...ahhh... flamboyant... nature :)

I am done with yzn..not worth my typing skills.

Back to BIKES...the YZF will rock I am sure, even with a 4 speeder in it, for MX at least. If you ride offroad alot, you will either have to deal with it or look for a different bike, or maybe there will be gears available.

And until someone rides it, who knows anyway????



I'm sorry a gallon and a half of gas and some oil doesn't weigh almost 20 lbs. My guess is there is about 5 lbs they aren't saying. I highly doubt it weighs 221 dry. I think it looks great.

Actually 1 gallon (uk gallon) wieghs approx 10lb

so your looking at 15lb for 1 and a half gallons of fuel

then you have coolent and oil

so thats where the 20lbs come from


I grew up just north of Pittsburgh in Ingomar. Use to go riding up in the Laural Mts. and occasionally in ANF. That was back in late 70's early 80's. Raced a bunch of Blackwaters and rebuild a lot of bikes afterwards, nasty stuff but fun.

Parents still live in the area, I'm now in the flat, flat, flat midwest. I only recently rekindled the dirtbike fever and I'm still trying to find more riding friends.

Anyone in the Chicago Area looking for riding buddies, please respond!

well, when you make it back to visit the parents, bring the bike and maybe we can plan a ride in the ANF. The forestry has a trail system near Marienville and I'm building a house about 30 minutes from there. Just a thought.

I use 1st gear alot on the track that I ride. 1st 2nd and 3rd, thats about it. I like to use the engine braking of 1st with a little front brake instead of using the back brake when entering a 180 degree, slow or tight berm. Cant wait to try the 450.


Mark_UK... I guess your right. I am just sick of the weight. I am dying to get rid of it!!!!

Now why can't we all just get along. All this

"bucketing" (my word for rattling on about nothing) I think its funny. My whole life I wanted a new dirtbike and I finally got my 01' 426 which ain't even runnin right but I love it anyway. Sure I wish I could afford an 03' but for now I have to stick with the $5,595 01' that I owe $6,700 on a credit card for. LOL (had to get all new gear to match the bike, and some playstation 2 stuff) Dam Credit Cards! Who care about a 4 speed tranny. I for one think that Yammihaw knows what they are doing. If they did not think this was a good design THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BUILT IT THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

definitely keep the insults coming I am laughing my AZZ off!! Frank Oh and Ego I figured you were out there monitoring this whether you were on vacation or not!! LOL :)

Look....Yamaha is not that stupid. I'm sure they tested the 4 speed with pro test riders before making the decision to mass produce it.

I'm sure the bike is great on tracks. If you guys like trails or other riding areas where you can stretch your yzf's legs, get the WR!



In engineering if you try to design something that will work in every possibly application it could be used in you will usually end up with a product that at best will be average in all of those applications and do none of them exceptionally well.

I think Yamaha did a great job doing what they set out to, make a better Motorcross bike than the CRF450 and you don’t necessarily need 5th gear for that.


You can’t put 5 kids in and a dog in a Honda Civic.

You can’t get 28 miles to the gallon in a in a Ford Excursion.

If you want a motorcross bike to ride on a motorcross track then the Engineers were thinking of you when they designed this bike. If Motorcross is not your intended use then stop winning.

ego,i cant believe your back.there is a rumor going around.supposedly you decided to come out of closest and moved to atlanta to live with bambislayer.ive been trying to tell everyone how it couldnt be true,but they wont believe me.

I will hold out final judgment on the 03 till I throw a leg over one.

Good advice for all. The premature boo hoos are fun to read although.

Ya I heard the same complaints from Doug, Jimmy and Timmy.......

The bikes are not fast enought with 4 gears :)

They are making a WR also...

Instead of counting sheep I'll be counting YZ'ZZZZZZZZZ :D:D:D

Great Job YAMAHA! !!!!

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