ACL update...with pics

I am 5 weeks out on my ACL reconstruction. I am walking with the post surgery brace and I have about a week and hlaf more to go with it. It is amazing how far they have come with this procedure. I have a friend that had the surgery dome in the '80s and he has two very large scars. Another had it done just a few years ago and he has the large scar from the patellar graft. I have 8 holes in my kneee and one scar about 1.5 " below my knee towards the inside of my leg.

I am working to get my range of motion back, and I go to therapy 2-3 times per week. It is crazy how your muscles just go dumb as soon as you get cut on. I have lost a lot of muscle in my leg. My knee gets better everyday, but it is not happening fast enough for me. I spend a lot of time at home on the exercise bike to supplement my therapy.

My knee is still swollen and probably will be for quite some time. It gets stiff when it sits still for too long and gets aggravated when I work it too hard. I am still a very long way away from riding. That's the depressing part.

Here are some pics from the surgery:

This is a picture of my torn ACL. It is laying on its side and instead of being connected at the top. The metal object is a probe.


Here is a picture of my knee with the old ACL removed and ready for reconstruction.


Here are a couple pics of the reconstructed ACL. It is made from hamstring tendon that is doubled up for strength. You can notice how it is made from several strands of tendon.




that'll wake ya up in the mornin. Hope your healing goes quickly.

Good luck with the healing process Johnny! :thumbsup:

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