OK... So where do you park yours? Lets hear from ya'll


If you have a spare set of wheels you can say the wheels were off when it was stolen and you would be covered. Not that you want it stolen.

Originally posted by JT1:

too many thiefs, not enough good shots.....

Make sure you use a good quality concrete sealant on the garage floor. It makes the clean up from those bleeding thieves soooooo much easier.


My '02 sleeps in my kitchen, right next to the kegerator. I'd keep it in my bedroom if it was big enough. Moving to a new crib wit a 2 car attached garage that will become my mad scientist thumper lab in two weeks.

new barn!! 48' x 58'!!! room for my JD dozer, and backhoe, and ford farm tractor, all the bikes, Dad's Porsche, 2 extra bays and a car lift! upstairs is an unfinished 2500Sq. ft apartment,

I want to move in soon! then I'll be nice and close to the babies, and the shop! (wood and metal!)


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