Kick starter

My bike came from the factory with the kickstarter a notch farther foward than the manual says to put it. It was very easy to start. Then I moved it to where the manual said and I think it was harder to start. I was thinking maybe it would start easier because with the kick starter more foward, the starter would have a longer kicking stroke. What do you guys think?

I don't mean to be facetious, but why don't you install the lever where it works best for you? The manual is a guide and not necessarily gospel. My lever is at the stock position and would change things around too much if I moved it. I went out to my garage and checked. If I moved the lever one tooth in either direction it would hit the frame at the top . . .or snag my boot at the bottom. It simply would not tuck in out of the way if I moved it.

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