Under Jersey Protectors

I was looking at the Fox Rockstar II chest protector that goes under your jersey and it doesn't feel like it would really be that protective. I know it's not gonna be like a hard plastic protector but what do you guys think? Thanks.

I had a hard get off coming out of whoops the other day. Landed flat on my back. Glad I was wearing the plastic protector. Saved me from getting my back chewed up. It can also absorb hits from rocks that could damage your spinal column. I used to hate wearing it but grew accustom to it. Won't ride without it, helmet, boots or knee braces. Necessary equipment for me.


I use the EVS Balistic jersy. I don't think it has as good protection as a full chest protector, however I really like it. It does have decent protection front and back, integrated with kidney belt and arm/elbow pads. :thumbsup:

I have one and love it. It does a great job obsorbing roost and rocks. I really don't like the big bulky external ones.

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