ZipTy lowering link

Back some time before TT went to the "new" futuristic forums there was a post about ZipTy racing coming out with a lowering link for WR/YZ fs. It was supposed to be available in about two weeks (then). I called to check on this rumor and was told it was not a rumor but it might be another two weeks. I just got off of the phone with them and was told " Not yet, Check back in another month" Sounds like they are having the same problem as Norm Kouba. Anybody got an "in" with ZipTy? I talked with the receptionist, and am not sure if she knows whats what. :confused


I also called them, I talked to Mitch, he said they are still working on it but he doesn't know if they are having problems or are just slow. Said he will put it on their web site as soon as its available.

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