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For have I finally found the tires !! SWEET !!!

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I've been chunking tires left & right, trying to find something worthy enough to ride on my XR650. Something street-wise. We all know that's a pain without having to go to 17"... I've got it.. Man (I just got off the road.. I don't want to get off!!!)

Dunlop finally said look.. Try this English tire... we think they make 18".. Avon. .

I put a 90/90-21 Avon RoadRunner on the front, and a 120/90-18 Avon RoadRunner on the rear. I used new Metzler tubes in them.. (Tires are radials so I went with a tough tube for longetivity )HOLY CRAP !!!! The front tire is nice & sticky. The back has a firm grip, and they look hot,, My 650 doesn't look like.. well anything I've ever seen. I got 'em from mawonline. Tires,tubes,shipping, etc... was around $230.00 for all.. WELL, WELL worth it.. I've finally taken my PIG to a whole new level !!!! If you're in to street and don't want to go !7's.. Then I strongly and highly reccomend the roadrunners..


(Off to ride again !!!!!!)



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