Anyone riding tomorrow in Melbourne FL?

Anyone going riding tomorrow (Sunday May 26) in Melbourne? I'd like to head up there but I've never been to any riding areas there so I'm hoping to find someone else headed up there to get directions and meet there. :)

are there any tracks in melbourne? my uncle lives there and I would like to ride some sometime when I visit.

There are (were?) some local tracks there but I've never been to those. I rode there (Palm Bay, 5 min from Melbourne) for the first time yesterday myself and has a blast! There is an abondoned housing development there with miles of trails and we rode all day. If you like off roading then it's a great place to ride!

If you like MX then it's not too far from Okeechobee. I'm guessing an hour. There's a cool track there called thundercross ( They have practice on Wed, Friday nights and Sunday with races every saturday. It's $15 to practice, I'm not sure of the fees to race.

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