Banschee or 426?

What do you guys think would win in a flat out drag race, the yz 426 or a banschee?? Both stock?

I have a 99yz400 and have a friend that has a banshee. My 400 will leave him so I would bet that a 426 would do so by a larger margin. My bike is stock.

I agree, my friend used to have a banshee, I don't remember if it was modified or not. My 426 with an FMF PowerCore IV and 12/49 gearing smoked it!

I have a 97 banshee with Toomey's and a 99 YZ400 with E series. The thumper walks away from the quad with no problems.

I just sold my banshee two weeks ago. It was quite built and the 426 could take it. All of the races were on sand, if that makes a difference.

Well if you figure a 426 weighs 240 and has about 48 HP... and a banshee weighs around 450 with 35 HP stock... you do the math :-) My 426 would take a banshee in 3rd gear :) Heck, a stock 125 dirtbike would take a banshee.

I think the 67 cuda with a blown hemi would bout smoke anything

dude, ego, it doesnt even have to have a blower, it will still dominate all :)

will your 426 beat bombadier ds650?i know i didnt.[my motor was stock 400 w\wb silencer]

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when i had my raptor, it had kn airfilter and an fmf pipe and silencer, and i raced my buddys '00 426 that had polished head fmf powerbomb and e series silencer, i lost. it doesnt accelerate as quickly mainly because of only one cam and it not being able to take off as quickly because of wheelies

when i raced the bombadier ds650 we started from a 5mph roll which probably was better for him.1st thru 3rd he was pulling away from me at about 2 bike lengths per gear then i started to catch him when i hit 4th and 5th.he let off before i could pass him.IM NOT SURE IF QUAD WAS STOCK

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Aside from a cannondale and the new suzuki 400, the banshee is the fastest stock sport quad in a straight line. I've never raced a cannondale or suzuki 400 but would think their no match for the shee. Some built raptors are getting major horsepower numbers but stock verses stock, there is nothing with four wheels and a green sticker that can touch a banshee.

In short, the 426 is faster. Read on...

Last year, I went the Bull Gap riding area(Michigan) to do some trail riding and took a ride over to the sandpit. There's a long, deep, sandy hill where people go to drag race and watch others drag race. Among the quads there were a few Raptors and Banshees. I watched a few Banshees with pipes and sand paddles race for a few minutes and decided to give it a shot myself. 20 feet out of the start, the banshees had me by a bike length. Once I got going, and when I shifted to 2nd I went by them, shifted to 3rd, then to 4th, and did a 4th gear standing wheelie for a hundred or more feet going up the rest of hill. We did it again with almost identical results. Afterwards, the two of them parked their Banshees.

I am no pro, but these guys' Banshees with sand paddles, exhausts, and who knows what else weren't able to stay with my '00 426 with an E-Series exhaust and worn D752 tires. Even I was totally surprised to beat them so badly because it looked like they were flying up the hill.

Maybe they needed to be bored?

Another thing, I was disappointed to see the Banshees defeat the Raptors.

So you guys are saying the Raptor will get beat by a banshee??? I thought the Raptor was the quad to have right now. I almost bought one, I'm glad I didn't. I guess that 2-stroke 350 with twin carbs is just too snappy for the Raptor.

I out ran a 500 husaberg quad with my 426. Quads just weigh too much plain and simple. My Cr500 out runs my 426 like it was a xr50. Its all HP to weight ratio when your out of the hole.

For a raptor to beat a banshee in a drag race, it needs a pipe and aftermarket filter, correct jetting, and the right gearing. Even then, it would be close. Put pipes on the banshee and it will walk away from the raptor. The raptor is a great bike with tons of potential. The powroll 770 kit bumps it up to over 70 horsepower! Banshee's still have the most potential.

Wet hard pack slimy or frozen trail = Banshee

Single track with trees 24 inches apart = YZ426

But who cares I'm not John Force, I ride to have fun


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