Rear shock blown

my rear shock started leaking oil, its gone.

Anyhow was wanting to get some feed back on some companys that I can send it to.

There is LCS in Dallas, thats close to me. any other suggestions.




LCS has been building suspensions for a very long time. Lucky definetly knows what he's doing.

If you take your bike to them, tell Jeremy his cousin Jason sent you. :)

Oops, I just remebered Lucky and Jeremy are heading up the Samsung/Radio Shack team so they may be on the road.

Call Ross at Enzo he is da man

how do I get in touch with Enzo?


Check out SMS racing ( Denton. Talk to the shop owner (Brian Storrie) he's a Ractech dealer and a good guy! Just had him do my 450...awesome!


Call Tony at AAT Suspension. He's not big name like Enzo but he is awesome. check out the site

Tell him Alex sent you.


how do I get in touch with Enzo?

One word: ENZO!

If you are in Dallas, you can try Cycle Suspension too. Joe does very good work and is completely reasonable. If you happen to race TCCRA, he is always there with his whole shop set up. My Raptor Man blew out his back shock in a race in Athens, and Joe fixed him up. Check him out at

Good luck with that!

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