I've broken my kick starter shaft twice in a year on my 03 450F and Yamaha won't cover it!! They know they have a problem but are in denial!! The local shop has had 4 break in the last 6 months. I'll never buy another Yamaha again and I was just about to buy a new '05. Now I'm going Honda, screw Yamaha!!!

Good riddance :), please be sure once you get your CRF you stay in their forums. I have had my 03 450 for almost 2 years and haven't had one single issue with it, nor has anyone I know who has one. D@mn trolls.

No problems here. :) Wow, maybe your just so strong. :D

You don't need to pile drive the kickstarter into the peg on a 450. That's the problem, not a poor or defective design. Just my 2 cents, keep the change... :)

10 months with mine, riding or racing almost every weekend.


Scrutinize this:

6969 - TT Newbie - Reged: 04/15/04 - Posts: 1

His first post is about Yamaha's breaking...??? :)

Why that no good for nuttin pinko commie

1 post whore :)

For what its worth, the ratchet gear on my kick starter was cracked through one side. I just happened to catch it when I took it apart to rebuild the motor. It probably would have broken the other side and punched a hole in the case had I not seen it. Might want to take a look at it next time you feel like taking the right sidecover off.

I have heard of a few breaking. I have had mine for almost 2 yrs - no problem - It must be due to too much force. Call BBR they probably make a billet bullet proof one for $300.00 that even an elephant couldn't destroy!

BBR makes a billet gear or a billet kickstart lever? :D :D :)

Yamaha did go to a ligther kickstarter shaft in the 03model year for all the F bikes because of the autodecomp cam.

But to go through a few very quickly indicates another problem. Ie such as a broken sidecase. Seen that before to!

But have fun buying cranks for your CRFs. Enjoy the cost!

But have fun buying cranks for your CRFs. Enjoy the cost!

crank shaft,cr450f

Part Number: 13000-MEN-670

Description: CRANKSHAFT

Price: $214.83

how much does it cost when the kick starter breaks the cases on a yz450? :)

my 450 starts first kick usually I put the motor at Top Dead Center then push lazily and it goes wala "VIOLA" my kick starter shaft till last 20 years the way my bike starts I don't even know if it has a spark plug, it is the same on it came with in October, there must be something wrong with it.

03 problems. Mine usually starts first kick too. Nice easy stroke.

mine broke with less than ten hours on it.

6969 is such an obvious troll, he should have just said so in the sub line.

But, I see people all the time who draw back the boot and stab at the starter from two inches away, slamming the ratchet into mesh. Since you can't really start a YZ450 very well with that technique, they have to do it over and over. Then they bitch when the starter breaks.

That's the wrong approach with any bike, and the worst part is that you just can't tell 'em that; they don't listen.

Sure, it's one of the few legitimate weaknesses the bike ever had, but I'm pretty sure that user error is involved if he actually did break two in that length of time. A Honda will be good for him.

It's the shaft and ratchet/gear assembly that fails more than the lever.

I put on some aftermarket, wider pegs. The lever, not the shaft, hits the peg at an odd spot and has worn into my lever a little. Still it is flat amazing to me that anyone could bust that lever or the shaft. What do you guys eat? This angry 220 pounder just ain't got that much steam. Looking at mine, I bet my leg would snap off before that shaft. Beyond that you hit it hard enough to snap the shaft and go through the engine cover? You got legs like a mountain gorilla. A man has have a bike that wins his confidence or he can't ride happy. I'll gladly stay with the blue bike but good luck to all - whatever past or future color bike.

Did you really mean to say 1990 YZ250?

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