TC mounting bark busters on '02 WR

I tried a Fastway TC mount--would not work--no way to mount the headlight/numberplate or the brake cable guide. These also sort of wrapped around in front of the TC preventing the metal mounting tabs from going between the mount and the TC.

I ordered the Cycra TC mounts, but still not possible without a lot of modifications. Short of having someone machine one for me, is there one available? Or, do people simply use another piece of metal and drill it out? Or use zip plastic ties?

My bars are now cut down to a comfortable 29.5" and now the "taper" part interferes with handle bar mounting the bark busters--they end up at the part where the fat Pro Taper part slims to conventional size, and neither bar mount will work--and I would not have much "dash" space for the other stuff.

My friend (Don, YZman400) had the Cycra mounts on his CRF250X and he cut the TC mounts to fit around his head light plate. Very sano installation. The Honda has the head light plate mount cast right into the TC--pretty good idea.

BTW--either mount would work fine on a YZ--no headlight plate to worry about and brake line is in front of the number plate.

I am very open to suggestions, and if you have a photo--please post it or send it to me. Tnx.

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