any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

I have a newly dual sported 04 wr450. It was running great up until 1 week ago. No recent changes other than a dual sport kit. Running the same FMF Q for over 6 months. My problem is when i use over 3/4 throttle it gets super loud, pops alot, and no power. It seems to run fine at idle, although getting harder to start. sputters a little up to 1/2 throttle, and sounds like theres no muffler (and no power) at 3/4 and above. where should i start?

re-pack your 'Q".

Use some decent quality packing, it will last longer.

My silencer recommends repacking EVERY 6 HOURS OF RUN TIME!!

I wonder if a valve got tight. I would replace the plug and check valve clearances. I would also check the carb for water or sediment in the float bowl. If you dump the gas in the carb on bare cement you can see if there is water in the gas. The cement absorbs the gas but not the water.

Check your valve clearance....

I would start with the easy stuff. Drain your carb, try a new plug and see if that fixs it. If not then the valve check would be a good next step.

I agree, my 426 was popping, bucking, etc. Changed the plug and no more problem. Everytime I have an issue, it seems like changing the plug solves it.

I can pull the tank in a heartbeat now. :)

I realize your there in Cal. but have you had any serious drop in temp that might make you run too lean?

Exact symptoms my 02 threw at me yesterday while riding. Back to the truck and a new plug install. FIXED.

Well, not sure exactly what the problem was, but drained the float bowl, put in a new plug, put on a yosh trs pipe, put in the JD kit, and holy #@*@!!!!!! this thing is a rocket ship!!!!!! The cool thing about the yosh TRS is that it comes uncorked with spark arrester...... but for an extra 36 buck you get the tech kit with a 93 and 96 dB insert. The 93 dB insert gives the bike more power than the Q, and is really quieter! 2 weeks ago i put a dakar DS kit, got arizona plate, so i'm off to coyote bar and grill for a couple drinks with the harly scumbags!!!! by the way, i ordered all except the dakar kit from the thumpertalk store. it came the next day!!! brian is a super helpfull guy, and it was the best price on the pipe.

stick my foot in my mouth. went for the evening ride.....after the bike warmed up, same thing; no power in the upper rpm range, if i gun it, flames shoot out my tail pipe and it misses like crazy.....super loud!!!!! electrical is all fouled up as well since i put in the DS kit. won't hold a charge, e-start wont work, now blinkers won't work. could the whole thing be electrical? could the cdi unit be bad? also smells like it's running way too hot...burning smell.

Yep...sounds like something associated with the DS kit install....take everything off, put it back to stock and see how she runs.

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