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Hello, I am looking for a used 125cc dirt bike. I am puzzeled because I do not know what I want, what would you guys recommend and why would you recommend it. Also where could I get performance mods, specifically suspension and which of the bikes have the most tuning capabilities. I've narrowed my choices down to Kawasaki kx,Honda cbr/xr, Yamaha yz, and Suzuki rm around the 2000-2005 range. I'd rather hear from people who owned one of the bikes but advice from any of the experts is welcome 


P.S I'm sorry for any mistakes like the wrong "sub forum" or grammar as I'm on mobile

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Probably get more replies by asking this over in the dirt bike "what bike should I buy" forum..

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For the KX, look at 2003+. 2003 was a new model with major changes.  The 2004 /05 got updated suspension and some orher smaller changes. 03 had the best suspension for trail riding, imo. Kawasaki made a very nice 125, probably the best.

Yz's and Rm's are a good choice as well, but I'm no expert on which years were best.  Between blue and yellow, I would go RM for a 125. 

The Honda CBR/XR you mentioned are not the same types of bikes. You meant to say "Honda CR", and I never liked them personally. Other people love them. 

What is your experience, and what sort of "performance mods" do you need? What riding type do you do? These are all purpose built race bikes, and for MX will work very well in stock form, after you sort the jetting and spring for your weight. They get more mods for woods, but its mainly about wants, not needs.

The mods will be moving this to "what dirtbike should I buy?"



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      Very low hour rear shock for a 2010 - 2013 Yamaha YZ450F.  It was a back up shock and was valved by Enzo.  
      Only asking $250!
      Call or text me at 801-36two-8899
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      I am selling some parts from my 1996 XR600R. Everything was removed from a running bike and is good usable condition. Wasn't able to upload all of the photos, so just message me if you'd like to see anything specific. All prices are OBO+shipping 

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      Hi, I recently bought a used 2014 Yz250f (efi bike) and i have been having a problem with it. So i bought the bike from a guy who raced motocross, he kept the bike in tip top shape. When i got the bike, it had a fresh top-end with a high compression piston, and stage two hotcams and a aftermarket exhaust systems. I race a mix of woods and moto races so i figured i could just add a few things for the woods and it would be set to go. When i was riding the bike before buying it, the seller mentioned that the bike almost "hesitates" when going from low to high rpms, he said that this had something to do with the new sprockets but to just stay on the gas. i bought the bike not thinking much about that because it was all around a really nice bike but now i cannot for the life of me figure out what is a causing that bog. On a moto track you hardly notice it because your always riding in the top end of the rpm range, however in the tight woods it makes the bike difficult the ride. It almost feels like there is a gap inbetween the bottom and top end powerwise, and you have to roll on the throttle real smooth in order for it to not sputter. If your going slow and then try and grab throttle quickly (to get over a log for example), it sputters out and there is no power. I tried giving the bike more bottom end power by adding a bigger sprocket, which gave more bottom end but didnt make the bog go away. Then i bought a GYTR Power Tuner, thinking i could retard the Ignition timing and move the power to the bottom end. I haven't gotten to test it a ton yet, but so far maps have helped take away the bog. Aside from that the bike runs perfectly, i have looked online and found no one else who seems to have had this problem which is why i am posting this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, as i have no clue what to do next, Thanks.
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      Im looking at buying a kx250 because i want to go back to a 2 stroke after a while on the 4 strokes, but im not sure which year to buy, ive been looking at the 02 to 04 models the most but anything over the year 2000 pretty much