Has anyone sued Yamaha in small claims yet?

Yamaha Customer Relations really pissed me off today. They basically told me to go pound sand after 3 key failures. All I want is the '04 parts!

I'm thinking about taking it to small claims. Has anybody done it yet? I figure if they won't fork over a couple hundred in parts, I'll at least cost em a couple hundred dollars of effort and force somebody from Yamaha to stand up and say they don't give a crap about their customer.


Go for it, from the looks of your name maybe you're involved in law, anyway I'd like to see them have to explain why they aren't doing anything.

Besides, it'd probably cost more for them to fly some guy out here

than the '04 parts cost and you'd win by default if they don't show


Sue 'em and report back!

I see you're an attorney, round up a bunch of TTers and threaten a class-action or something. It'd be fun to watch at any rate.

I put this suggestion in a couple of months ago. Since my 03 WR450 hasn't broke down (Fingers crossed) (I lapped the rotor and lock tighted it)I cannot put forth a case showing that Yamahas design and parts are deficient. If you havn't had a failure I don't think you'll get very far. I have had great success with small claims suits. You must sue the dealer if he performed repairs and the bike still broke down. You must include Yamaha Motor in the suit to get maximum results. You can use all the info from TT during the trial. Don't give them any info up front other than your bike broke down due to a combination of poor design and inferior parts. If you like your dealer and don't want him perturbed let him know that it's Yamaha you want to be responsible for a proper repair of your bike.

04 starter upgrade is cheaper then any lawyer I know! :)

I live in Grizzly Flats, not far from you "law boy"./ My bike has blown up three times. I've been thru the whole thing with Yamaha customer relations... Phone me on Friday, 530-295-0707. I'll be glad to enlighten you.. DGrizz :):D :D

i'd love to see you make them own up. i took it in the shorts with my 3 week old 03. i pussed out and just bought the 04..... a darn good bike. yamaha learns fast; if they make a better bike we'll buy it no matter how perturbed we are.

You do not have a lawyer in small claims court. You are the lawyer and the court is sympathetic with you. Cost is usually about 20 to $30.

parts may be cheaper, But thats not the piont! someone should pay not us.

I had the same experance with Kawasaki on my wife's quad's

rear shock seal,they claimed she rode it to hard.(ti was here first quad and I don't thing she got it out of secound


They make too much money to care,however there should be a forum created on Thumpertalk to address defective products.

I bet they would lissen then.


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