Slip in 5th gear

I'm experiencing a slip then it grabs when I am on a road and I hit the throttle only when in 5th,, just a moment of slip then it grabs. No grind sound. This motor was freshly rebuilt and I saw no odd things on gearing or gear fork. I have put on 800 trouble free miles since rebuild.

Does this sound like clutch or gears?

Can't get it to do it in any other gear,, I recall a little slip last ride but I thought it was my foot not getting it shifted.

Could be clutch plates slipping. It will generally do it in a higher gear.


Yamaha does make a full clutch kit, springs, metal plates and friction plates.

 2005 - 2016 YAMAHA WR450F WR 450F FACTORY CLUTCH PLATE KIT 5TJ-W001G-00-00 Edited by stevethe

Ended up being gears. 3rd and 5th, and middle shift fork. Just finished.

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