2014 YZ450 Trans.

I just bought a 14 450f off a friend of mine. The rod broke in half between the piston and the crank. basically trashing the motor. Parts are here for the rebuild, but I was reading about a bearing in the tranny for the shifter. Does anyone know which bearing I need to order?  Or the Part number.


Also since I'm going for the complete rebuild, any other mods or suggestions?



You're probably referring to the "stopper lever" (item 4)  PN 1SL-18140-01-00.


Only a few of them have failed. 



gray racer I am fairly new to yz450 world but yo my friend are very valuable to this forum. Great stuff. :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:

I uncrated my 14 this past winter and replaced the shift stopper and the impeller with 2016 parts. If you replace the stopper you need a new spring and bolt. I also replaced the front engine mounts from the 15 and had to use the 15 long

bolt that runs through the engine. The smaller stock bolts are fine. Btw what where the hours when the rod failed?

the hours. I would have to see his programmer. But tearing the bike down, it looks to have a lot of hours on it. Of course with any rebuild, I ended up buying a lot more goodies than what it took to rebuild the engine... the new plastic and decals helps the motor run better.

Thanks Gray Racer for the diagram.

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