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Thoughts on Sprocket setup

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so i bought a 14 yz450 currently it has a 13/47 setup was alright still found it was wanting to just chuck a wheelie all the time


Here is a pic of of terain i ride mosly with the odd time being able to go on a nice long straight away





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If you can work with low gear being that tall, I'd leave it. Deal with the wheelies by adjusting your rider position.

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Thanks for the replys will actually try both has been 9 yrs since i rid and first time yesterday for bout 20mins untill i seen i need a new chain slider 


Iam an old man 39 next month returning after a bad accident broke my back on a kx450 09 model, Was just damn freak accident


Also might be the gytr settings aswell when i hooked it up it was set on map 5 and everything was in the + side


So i have looked around and going have already put these settings in the bike


Map 01
Hard pack, grippy
track conditions
Smooth and easy
throttle control
Throttle      FI MAp      IG MAp
3/4           +1 +1 +1   -3 -2 -1
3/8           +2 +1 +1   -5 -5 -4
1/8           +2 +2 +1   -4 -4 -3






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