will be storing my 426 for a year, need suggestions

I'm getting ready to put the 426 in storage while I work on another project, probably for around a year. Any suggestions as to what I need to do before I put it up? Thanks...

I got a nice lil spot in me garage next to my beast.

I promise I will tak gooood care of it.. :)

Prop the bike up off its wheels

Drain the Gas from Tank and Carb, I like to throw about a half oz to a oz of premix oil in the tank. I know its plastic but this keeps the petcock from hardning and keeps seals moist. Let it drip through the petcock a few drips before shutting off.

Carb Drain also I would drop the bowl and use premix to dust the inards, It just keeps things fro drying out and stops that crystel green effect when Gas dries.

Now I know this will spark some respnce but here goes. I normally wil drain the Oil also, clean filter or ? what ever. But replace with a cheeper like Yamalube oil, Run it for a few mins to to get it through the motor and shut it down and hoist is up.

Some like to drain the oil completely I dont. But always after hybernation ,change back to your normal oil and do an oil change for the first two god rides out.

and place the beast in dry place covered up.

Hope it helps

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Here's my $.02, maybe someone can add to this or correct any errors.

First I would do the full maintenance (change all fluids, etc..) and fix anything that's broken before storing. I'm up in the air on the gas issue. If it's only going to be a year then you can either drain it completely or fill it to the top and put a fuel stabilizer in it. Around here we have high humidity and empty gas tanks quickly collect water so we try to store them full, maybe your area is different. Pour about a tablespoon of motor oil in the spark plug hole and slowly spin the motor over a few times to spread it around. This will coat the cylinder walls and keep them from rusting. When you're done be sure all valves are closed. Lastly I would spray all exposed metal parts with spray silicone to keep them from rusting. Silicone won't dry out the rubber parts like wd-40 will so feel free to make a mess (don't spray the brake rotors!!). Oh also you may want to put a cork in the exhaust to keep the moisture out but also to keep frogs and other critters from making a home in there. I had mud dobbers build a house in my 2-stroke stinger pipe once and it was a pain in the rear to have to break their little home out so my motor would run faster than idle speed.

Have you thought of selling it and picking up a new one in a year?

hehe nope, I will keep this beast 'til I die I think. There may be others to come in the future but this one will always have a place in my shop. I'm doing the trials competition thing this year, and I'm getting a '76 Bronco that is in need of restoration, so my MX racing will have to wait until next year. I've been riding it every week or so just to keep the cobs out of it but when I get on it I just want to go race, so I think I'll moth-ball it for now. I was wondering if anyone had put a bike in long term storage like this, and if so what problems did they have when they got it back out. Thanks again...

I had bent valves one time and I didnt have the money to fix it. It sat there about 7-8 months, and I didnt do a thing. left the oil that needed to be changed in there, gas and everything. When i got the parts, and fixed it, i just changed the oil and the gas, and it started 2nd kick. Then agian, it is an XR but you should be all right still, o motor can't get in any worse shape from not being ridden. But, too be on the safe side, I'd do what they say, drain oil, clean it up good, and aput some oil in the cylinder. You could alays jsut start it once a week too. I like to do tht liek wright now when Im waiting for throttle cables to come in.


If you might be interested in another bike why don't you just sell it. Since the 03's are obviously going to be a "new" bike, your resale value is going to be drastically reduced.

Just sell the bike put the money in savings, then when you get ready for another bike/ride you will have the cash.


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