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New exhuast for XR650R

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I want to put an all new exhuast on my 650R. Header, silencer, etc. Any opinions/advice on selecting a brand and model? I am thinkin White bros, but Im not all that familiar with all the choices. I want something to save weight, have a spark arrestor, and make SERIOUS power. I want to be responsible, so pissing-off the "greenies" with a too-loud exhuast is out. Not that I dont like pissing off greenies, its just that I dont want them shutting down our riding areas. What is your opinion?

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Its a good question: So far i dont think the pipe you (and me and lots of others) are looking for exists. Its said the pipe dudes are working on quieter higher performance pipes...

Big Gun : overall its horrible, blow bye issues, rivets rattled to pieces, etc.

Yosh: Didnt last 800 miles-can tore 2" hole at the mount.

T-4: Nothing on top, way to loud.

Barnums: Good for desert racing, but still to loud for stealth rides accross the neighbors back 40...Rob says he's gonna have a quiet core option--yeah!

White Bros: Maybe. I havent tried it. Worth checking out...

Moriwaki: Qadson says its 102db! Way to loud...

My new combo is going back to the stock pipe--which is bulletproof--and simply unbolting the entire suppressor out of the rear for racing--and putting it back in for quiet trail rides/street. After a couple races with this set up I am convined the bike runs better with the stock can than with the full blown race pipes listed above.

I know thats not what you are interested in--but just thought i would throw it out there. Finding this really surprised me. At least until the pipe guys come up with the pipe you and I and others want to buy--tuff as nails-quiet, and better than stock performance-the stock pipe with out anything in the can offers the best option overall IMHO..

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